About James

I was born and raised in Hertfordshire, not far from London, but I now live in East Devon, on the beautiful Jurassic Coast.

In the last few years my passion for photography has turned into a career that I absolutely love.

Like anyone else, I have always enjoyed taking pictures on my travels, but it was an interest in wedding photography that made me push my passion to the next level.

I am now a professional photographer, shooting anything from weddings and events, to portraits, food and properties throughout the UK and abroad.

I use full-frame DSLR Nikon cameras with professional lenses and studio equipment to capture the personality of my subject.

So, whether you need professional wedding photos, or images of an event, your property or portraits, get in touch now for a free no obligation quote.

I'm always happy to meet for coffee and have a chat about your needs; no charge, no obligation to book.

Professional Wedding Photographer
Professional Wedding Photographer
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